Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen will conduct a pre-alpha 5 test

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen wants to test pre-alpha 5 “shakeout” between September 5 and 6, but before that, all the developers from Visionary Realms offered to see what the testers will prepare for. Shakeout will be a gray version of Thronefast. What does it mean?It’s right that many of the terrain features will just be simplified, but will still look like the final design of Thronefast.

Well, the video also shows the fighting at the initial level, discusses how the developers approach the landing of new players. The video also demonstrates how questing will work, where NPCs usually offer suggestions on where to go when asked, but ultimately don’t offer highlighted waypoints on the minimap, and also discusses how NPCs ‘ behavior and their reactions to players based on things like class selection can affect the gameplay.

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