MMO Palia details from Blizzard veterans and Riot Games

MMO Palia details from Blizzard veterans and Riot Games

The creators of the “most comfortable” MMO have big plans. Singularity 6 has answered questions about the announced June 3, 2021 MMO Palia in the spirit of Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. They talked about, among other things, plans to launch the game on platforms other than PC, the game world, the combat system and the character editor.

Tools, resources and trade

  • All tools used, such as an ax, a pickaxe, a butterfly net or a fishing rod, will have quality levels: the higher it is, the more efficiently the item can be used. Before use, the tools will not need to be selected – they will only need to be in the inventory.
  • The developers try to make all the lessons original and interesting. In addition, various additional factors, such as the time of day, will affect the activity.
  • The game features a huge number of resources and items for the craft, including rare ones.
  • Players will be able to trade with each other. The creators have a special approach to the game economy and trading system, but they are not ready to talk about it yet.
  • The developers want to avoid the typical MMO grind, but there is a progression system in the game – you can pump various skills. Each skill can be developed to the maximum level.


  • Palia has a large, partially open world with additional activities between settlements. However, the developers are confident that the player’s points of interest should be the main areas.
  • At the time of preliminary alpha, there are no sea voyages or ships in the game, but the developers are considering adding them in the future.
  • In the settlements, it will be possible to enter any house, but on condition that the owner is at home at this time or is not sleeping.
  • One hour of real time is equal to 24 hours of game time.
  • Players will receive their own home as part of one of the starting quest chains. After that, the dwelling can be furnished with a variety of furniture and invite other players to visit.
  • Players will be offered to choose the layout of the house and a huge set of furniture to decorate it.

Character editor

  • Players will be able to choose between effeminate and masculine body types, and then customize the character as they see fit.
  • The faces will be unique to both body types and the hairstyles will be the same.
  • The authors of the game intend to create a flexible character constructor with a wide range of customization options.
  • At the moment there are only two races in the game: humans and elves.

Combat system

  • In Palia, a combat system is provided, but the developers have not yet revealed details about it.
  • In the preliminary alpha version, players will be able to hunt animals with a bow. This will be the only weapon-related activity, but others will appear in future updates.
  • At the time of alpha testing, there is no PvP in Palia.
  • Characters in the game have no health points and cannot die.

Plot and relationships

  • Palia will have a deep storyline. Players will be able to learn the story by completing quests, reading books and talking to NPCs, who will share information based on their relationship level.
  • Players will be able to form romantic relationships with NPCs, but not with other players.
  • Palia will not require the player to have a group – it can be played alone. However, there will be group quests.
  • “Neighborhood” is an analogue of guilds in Palia, in which players can unite.

Engine, platforms and localization

  • The developers plan to release Palia on most platforms after launching the game on PC, giving priority to mobile devices.
  • The preliminary alpha version of the game will only be available in English, but the developers plan to translate Palia into many other languages.
  • Singularity 6 is building a game using the Unreal Engine 4. The team has several former Epic employees to help with the development. The studio is interested in using Unreal Engine 5, but so far there are no specific plans to transfer Palia to the next generation engine.
  • The studio has been working on the game for the third year. Initially, it was created by two people, a year later the team has grown to seven, and now it has about 50 developers.
  • Palia’s technical requirements are not yet known, but they will be quite low.

Pre-alpha testing of Palia will begin in the summer of 2021 on PC. You can send a request to participate in it on the game website.

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