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The new mobile market for Black Desert, Spring Fever event and more news (they also fixed that bloody rock for you)

black desert

A lot of new things are happening in Black Desert during this week! Firstly, Kakao is almost ready to roll out a mobile- and web- available version of the game’s Central Market. (It’s seemingly not out yet and “will be released shortly,” so the mobile link won’t work now, but it supposedly will soon.) “We are excited to […]

The Division 2 raid and Title Update 3 will be released in May instead of April 25, Talent changes

division 2

The Division 2 Title Update 3, including the Operation Dark Hours raid will be launched in May with Talent changes. Ubisoft Massive reported that Title Update 3 for The Division 2 release has been delayed from April 25 in its latest State of the Game livestream. As developer said, the extra time will let it […]

Sea of Thieves’ new update has prepared some fishing and cooking, also a new harpoon gun

Sea of Thieves

The Sea of Thieves’ anniversary update has reached us, prepare for The Hunter’s Call, all ready to hit the high seas at the end of April. The dev team has just rolled out a new trailer demonstrating some of the new changes players would wait for. Also the big new addition is coming with the update, the […]

The new update for Division 2: short review of major problems fixed and patch notes

division 2

This current update for The Division 2 is delivered. Ubisoft has released a new patch for The Division 2 during maintenance on April 16. The game was down for three hours and brought back at 3:30am PT, 6:30am ET, 11:30am BST. Update 2.1 removed the issue with some NPCs and enemies stucking in a T-pose, this […]

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order novelties on the Microsoft store page

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is officially revealed, but still there’s not so much information about it. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is revealed as a single-player-only action adventure with a hunted Jedi disciple as protagonist, this is everything we know so far and won’t know until E3 happens, but the game’s Microsoft Store page showed some tidbits to keep […]

Destiny 2 platforms are blocked by Sony to transfer characters between them

Destiny 2

As it’s reported, Sony is in charge of more than locking certain Destiny 2 content to PS4. Destiny 2 was the first game for PC in the series. There was a big hype about that news, for apparent reasons, but “will we be able to bring our console characters to PC” question was also on […]

The Elder Scrolls: Blades update, dev team took players’ request to consideration

The Elder Scrolls: Blades

According to Bethesda, further rebalances will appear and the direct-purchase artifacts will be removed. This week’s Blades update has shown significant changes, which was based on players’ suggestions, and cut the time it takes to open the game’s Silver Chests, so now you will spend one hour instead of three on it. In Elder Scrolls Online […]

World of Warcraft: v8.2 Rise of Azshara, big review, trailer and stream dedicated to the update included

WOW Rise of Azshara

On April 11th Jeremy Feasel, the World of Warcraft’s senior game designer, represented in details the upcoming 8.2 Rise of Azshara content. The RoA update will go live on the WoW PTR next week, but hasn’t been presented before that stream, so fans were excited since it’s the first real appear of 8.2 for now. […]

Nepal authorities try to prevent game addiction epidemy by banning PUBG


In Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 SHD level boost players a major role allowing you to get extra stats. There’s a disease included in International Classification of Diseases known as “gaming disorder” , but almost no worry for gamers, as some recent research suggests, only a very small percent of them have a risk of […]

The lack of western atmosphere in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online

Some MMORPGs are set in fantasy world, some in medieval, other have futuristic Exotic weapons like Destiny2 or Outriders. Rockstar recently has been providing some new game modes into Red Dead Online, and that’s nice. The game doesn’t have much much content and players may feel like it’s empty here. But I wouldn’t say that these […]

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