Overwatch Workshop will allow you change game by using scripts

Overwatch Workshop will allow you change game by using scripts, explanation from game director and key features


A new Workshop feature will be able to Overwatch soon and will let players add script for rules and specific play states to game modes.

In Overwatch Workshop you can apply rules for changing a character’s skills and movements, and even alter their damage or heal level, all this available with scripts. You can even add text, as Blizzard says, which will require some certain conditions.

All what you created in the Workshop will be available to other players on the Custom Game Browser.

Watch the explanation from game director Jeff Kaplan of what Workshop can provide below:

Overwatch Workshop key features:

  • Share/link out to your own game mode without navigating through menus in game
  • Create your own scripts for customized game modes in Overwatch
  • Debug issues with their scripts using the Workshop Inspector
  • Workshop will be available on Console and PC

Workshop currently can be found on the Public Test Realm (PTR) on PC. Go to Play > Game Browser > Create > Settings > Workshop.

There are also two game modes created with Workshop by Blizzard that will give you an idea of how you can use it.

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