Overwatch throws Storm Rising event, Jeff Kaplan droped revealing video


Several days ago, Overwatch broke into the vault and allow players to enjoy in to the Storm Rising mission. The game director Jeff Kaplan, as it’s usual, has shared a developer’s video revealing all about that event.

Kaplan speaks about some details related to the setting of this Archives mission and what he means to the Talon organization and the Overwatch strike team which both want to take him down. Then Kaplan proceeds to discussing adjustments to the Talon agents users square off against with particular focus on tweaks to the Heavy Assault agent, and how the flow of the Havana map looks for delivering new gameplay issues.

It’s not only about tweaks and lore though; Kaplan also mentions the rewards, gifts, and cosmetics players can get accomplishing their tasks. You can check all what he stated below in the video:

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