Overwatch League Tokens Are Back


Overwatch League Tokens make their return in Overwatch. Below you can see what was revealed lately.

Players will be able to earn five League Tokens for every hour watched of a live Overwatch League Match. Note that it’s a must to watch these matches on the official site. Otherwise players can go through the official Overwatch League App. The time someone viewed these matches will be tracked. For example, if you watch 30 minutes, take a break, and then come back later and watch another 30 minutes, you’ll be credited for one hour total. Although players can only accumulate time during live matches.

If someone wants to redeem the token, you need to have a valid license for the game. If you’re on console (Xbox One, PS4, Switch), you need to link your respective Xbox Live, PS Plus, or Nintendo accounts to Blizzard. Note that any token can take up to 48 hours before they’re delivered to you. Players shouldn’t be patient.

The official post listed several countries with which every Blizzard account can be associated in order to earn tokens.

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