Overwatch: Crossplay is currently causing a lot of confusion

Overwatch: Crossplay is currently causing a lot of confusion

The recently introduced cross-play feature in Overwatch is currently causing fans more confusion than pure joy. However, this is not due to the technical implementation, but to the incorrect definition of cross-platform games.

Blizzard Entertainment recently introduced a beta version of the cross-play feature of the online shooter Overwatch. Players can now compete against players from all over the world or against them outside of their platform. Nowadays, however, the new feature is not only fun, but often confusing.

However, this is not related to the technical implementation of the cross-play feature. According to initial reports, it works well so far – after all, this is a beta version. Rather, many players are confused because it is not (always) possible to see exactly which players on which platforms are active in the current game.

Thus, console players can only enter the matchmaking pool with PC players if they join a group with a PC user in advance. A team staffed exclusively by PC players is automatically placed in the “PC pool”. Information and displays in the game itself are also quite sparse. To find out if you are really competing against opponents in cross-play mode, you first need to go to the social menu and look for the cross-play symbol, which can be found next to the players’ names. This symbol also does not indicate which platform the corresponding player is active on. He simply says that it is not the same platform as your own.

Hopefully Blizzard Entertainment will take player feedback seriously and make changes to Overwatch’s cross-platform functionality during the beta phase.

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