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Overkill is a new game in the Dungeon & Fighter universe: details and a full trailer

Nexon recalled that a new game in the Dungeon & Fighter universe called Overkill is in development. This is a computer-based multiplayer Action RPG powered by Unreal Engine 4, announced in April 2021.

At the time of the announcement, we were shown only a small 11-second teaser and not many details were revealed. Now the developers have published a full trailer, lasting 2 minutes and 22 seconds, and also revealed new details.

Unlike Dungeon Fighter Online, Overkill will be fully 3D, thus bypassing the limitations of the original. The game will feature massive co-op content and dungeons. They also promise great graphics and an advanced avatar system.

“Overkill is a new PC game based on the Dungeon & Fighter franchise. It is currently at an early stage of development. Overkill will inherit the action fun that is at the heart of the game. Although it is a standalone project, it conveys the same sense of speed and style as before using 3D. In addition to the original script, there will also be new stories and characters unique to Overkill, ”said Park Sang Tae, director of Neople.

Overkill aims to expand the universe of Dungeon Fighter Online, which has been afloat for over 16 years. Other franchise projects are also in development, such as Dungeon & Fighter Mobile, Project BBQ, and Project Duel.

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