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Over the weekend, the Black Desert Online team demonstrated their next class.

Well, now is a pretty busy time for the Black Desert of the Pearl Abyss, as the team showed off their next class coming to the MMO, the pirate Corsair, over the weekend. The team also announced when the first part of Atoraxxion will be released on July 21. During the Heidel Ball in the Black Desert, an upcoming pirate class for the Black Desert was revealed. The Corsair, a swash buckling class, will launch on all platforms around the world next week, on June 29, with pre-production starting on June 23. The final MMO class is free for players and wields a retractable sword and a magic ball that Pearl Abyss claims will turn her into a Mermaid.



In the battle trailer, the Corsair in action brandishes a cutlass-shaped sword and races across the battlefield riding the waves. The ball itself causes the Corsair to transform into a mermaid, which you can use to attack or even just move quickly in battle. You can watch the battle trailer below.

“The Corsair’s main weapon is the Serenaka, a ‘compound sword’ that extends in length, which is especially deadly when combined with her innate agility. Her sub-weapon is Mareka, a magic ball that gives her the ability to transform into a mermaid and crash into her enemies with the power of a powerful tsunami. Corsair will be released worldwide on June 29 for PC, consoles and mobile, but you can get started with pre-creation on Wednesday, June 23.”

And also, the team detailed when the first of Atoraxxion’s four-part dungeon, Vahmalkea, will be released on July 21. According to the press release:

“Filled with epic monster battles, thought-provoking puzzles, and deep exploration of the lore and history of the Black Desert world, adventurers will find a traditional and classic RPG experience in Atoraxxion, but with all the features that make them love the Black Desert.”


Finally, during this weekend’s ball, the Pearl Abyss team detailed their roadmap for 2021, with Mansions in July and a new extreme monster zone in August. In addition, a new raid will take place in October-the Elvia Realm Calpheon & Black Star raid.

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