Outriders: News about future fixes, upcoming fixes and much more.

People can fly, so the team behind Outriders took to Reddit to discuss news about future fixes, upcoming fixes, and more. If you remember, the most recent patch for Outriders was released last week after an initial delay and led to an improvement in the selection of players. Now matchmaking will ignore AFK, which should significantly improve the situation for those who want to create a group and play online.

As for the next patch, however, people who can fly note that it is almost ” completeā€, except for one problem. This problem is a failure when launching Outriders. The team has several leads, and they are currently investigating the root cause. But at the moment, they note that the release of this patch will largely depend on the resolution of this failure and future failures.

However, they have shared information about the fixes and changes that you can expect as part of this upcoming fix. These include:

  • Will improve the multiplayer mode, so now the loss of rubber bands and packages should be reduced for players up to 350 ms.
  • Fixes the Borealis Monarch Technomancer set and correctly increases damage by 90% for any frozen targets
  • Fixes the problem with the set of statues of the Reaver and changes its description according to its behaviorThe new description is:
  • While the Tremor or Golem is active, increase firepower by 100%, and Weapon Proficiency by 100% for you and your teammates.The old Description was:
  • Using a Tremor or Golem increases firepower by 100%, and Weapon Proficiency by 100% for you and your teammates
  • The old functionality meant that the bonus for a set of statues could end after 8 seconds. The refinement of this set means that the bonus can now be saved longer.
  • It will eliminate the problem that can lead to the fact that a Dodger hunting Prey will not turn the player’s back to the enemy if you aim immediately after activation.
  • Will improve the aiming of the Trickster Venator Knife, so that it should now aim more consistently at the player’s intended enemy.

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