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Outguard for division.

The recently reported Outguard event for division 2 starts today with new clothing and runs until January 11.

As it became known, the event will be open to everyone who owns Warlords of New York and who completed the new York campaign there. The event itself includes 24 new items of clothing, and rewards and progress are included automatically when the event starts. Players can earn keys for event caches or earn by earning SHD levels or forking out premium credits. Anyone who logs in during the event will receive a key. The awards include four cosmetic costumes, including a coyote, a grizzly, a hawk, and a mongoose. There are also two emotions and a mask. Your final Grand prize is a unique ballistic helmet if you collect all the items during the event. it will not be available after the event ends.

There is also a postal event from January 19. But the Outguard event itself and the cache will not be active, the event elements will be available for purchase directly in the store.

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