Otherland released the latest patch and now is finishing its current storyline


It’s been a while since the last time we talked about Otherland – to be more specific, the last detailed review we did was last November, when the rebranded and rescued Tad Williams MMO launched a major update titled Fire Isle. But as it turns out, Drago Entertainment has been updating its Facebook page constantly ever since.

Back in March, devs brought a big patch and it’s its new UI and world update. “As most of you can already imagine, we are not done with it just yet,” the team said. “Just like with every aspect of an ever-growing MMO, so will the UI continue to evolve with time. Now that we have the base for it, we are already making plans on how it can be further improved.”

So what’s gonna be next? More story and Metal Isle: The Tower of Blades.

“Right now we are mostly focused on bringing the NeoGrail storyline to a conclusion. We have most of the planing and writing done and are about to start implementing it. This is going to be the main focus for the content team for the next months. Finishing the current storyline is a major milestone for us, but for other reasons than it usually is in a game. In our case we need to wrap it up in order to have the game prepared for new worlds and storylines from Tad Williams’ next works on Otherland. We agreed with him to have the game take place in the new worlds he is going to create. While we are not allowed to disclose any specifics just yet, one of the things we discussed with Tad was for the conclusion of the NeoGrail storyline to be possibly the beginning of the new book. Now you see why bringing the NeoGrail storyline to an end in the current development cycle has become a priority.”

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