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Optimization station in Division 2.

Today I want to talk to you about the optimization station.

Well, the new Title Update 12 for Division 2 marks the return of a powerful tool for endgame builds of players, and that is-optimization stations. With the optimization station, you can squeeze everything out of each piece of equipment. Before the station receives an update, you should know something.

Actually, the optimization materials and station will be an updated menu that will be available through the recalibration station and will require new entered currencies to work. With it, players can improve gear attributes beyond their current rolls and up to the very top limits.And as always, for a certain price, players can add attributes.

In fact, attributes can be optimized by level, and even each level represents a new attribute value as a percentage of its maximum value, that is, about 10% per level, with a limit of 100% at level 10. This means that attributes cannot be optimized beyond their maximum value. For example, the 3.7% skill damage attribute can be optimized to level 4, which is 4% (40% of the maximum value of 10). Then back to level 5, which is 5%.

Each product attribute can be optimized individually, and the cost of each attribute depends on the level of optimization.

Each optimization will require about 4 different resources to complete. With each level, the cost of each optimization increases
But as much as we would not like there are restrictions on optimization so think about buying Division 2 Boost for your character. For example, only the 40th level of a high class, a set of equipment and exotic equipment and weapons can be optimized.

Optimized attributes can’t be recalibrated after the process starts, so make sure you’re working with what you want to save. In addition, optimized statistics cannot be added to the recalibration library. Worn, standard, specialized, and improved materials cannot be optimized and do not allow deconstruction of item-type materials. The optimization station will join the White house and haven recalibration stations with a 12-name update later this year along with the start of season 4.

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