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Onmyoji update for Lineage 2 Revolution.

A recent update for Lineage 2 Revolution introduced time-limited regions. This update, called the Onmyoji update, also brings new in-game actions, event rewards, and event dungeons. The event is live and runs until May 25, giving you plenty of time to dive in and explore the new content. The new update includes the Yokai Valley, where you’ll find six Onmoji regions during the event period.

It also brings us a five-person Onmyoji party dungeon series. Each of these dungeons will feature different concepts and rules designed to provide you with a unique challenge. You will be able to collect colorful spirits in hunting on the field of Onmed-Ji and clearing dungeons.

And of course there is the 14-day registration, which basically acts as a login rewards event for Lineage 2 Revolution. You will be able to earn fully upgraded red weapons and UR class armor if you are a new or returning player. There’s also a challenge box that will include 4x +40 gear upgrade scrolls, Onmyoji suits, and more. Finally, the Yokai Race will see you compete with other players for various prices, such as the Onmyoji Artifact Challenge Box, the LR Crafting Material Challenge Box, and more.

The accompanying press release also notes that high-level players will be able to use the Second Awakening Mechanic. Activating it allows you to equip belts that enhance some rare skills. These rare skills have special belts that allow for further improvement.Lineage 2 Revolution recently gained new territory earlier this year. You can read about it here. The update at the end of last year allowed you to diversify your main professions.

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