On October 15, Cloudpunk will be released on consoles

So, Cloudpunk cyberpunk adventure launched on C via Steam back in April. The console will not be available until next month, and around October 15, the game will launch on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It can be purchased in both digital and physical form.
Many gave very good ratings to the game, praising it for its beautiful landscape, cool music and fiery plot. The main thing is not to expect deep gameplay from Cloudpunk.
But what kind of game is this?
Cloudpunk takes Place in the neon and rain-drenched city of Nivalis. You are Rania, an employee of a semi-legal delivery service. The heroine will travel around the city in a flying car and deliver parcels. On the way, Rania will meet other inhabitants of the metropolis and learn their stories.
Gameplay Cloudpunk is a simple “walking simulator” (well, rather, flights). Admire the city at night, listen to a pleasant sintav and dive into the story. You can make decisions that affect the fate of characters.


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