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Official release of the “Fire of Ambition ” expansion.

Already this month, the official release of the expansion “Fire of Ambition”, the first part of the annual adventure “Gates of Oblivion” for The Elder Scrolls Online, will take place, and at the same time, the free update 29 will be installed on the game’s servers.

One of the main innovations of the upcoming update will be a rethought hero system, which provides additional variability for the development of the latter. In total, users will receive three groups of skills – “Military Art”,” Physical Form” and “Crafts”, within which you can distribute the earned skill points at will. Moreover, each of the “constellations” will receive four cells for particularly useful bonuses that determine the general direction of a particular assembly and can have a greater impact on the character’s capabilities.

On the PC, “Fire of Ambition” and its accompanying patch will be released on March 8, while the owners of consoles will have to wait for this content for a week longer, until the 16th.

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