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Notes on the PTS patch for Elder Scrolls Online.

Well, just recently Zenimax shared notes on the PTS patch for Elder Scrolls Online, which brings tomorrow’s Jester Festival.

In a recent post on their forums, the Jester Festival was actually moved to tomorrow, as noted by community manager Gina Bruno. Look for the festival, which starts tomorrow at 10a Eastern time.

As for what players can expect at the festival, players will be able to experience new daily quests called “Enemy of the Pig Itself”, “Royal Prey” and “Prankster’s Carnival”. To participate in the festival on PTS, take the introductory quest from the Crown Store. Moreover, you can visit the pavilion Jester near Daggerfall, Vogel-Garden and Ebonheart.

This event will be able to see the final fragment for the skin of the Deadlands Scorcher player in the Impresario. The rest of the patch notes cover known issues in combat and gameplay, and fixes for various chapters and DLC, including Dragon Bones, Flames of Ambition, Greymoor, Markarth, Scalebreaker, Stonethorn, and Wrathstone.

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