No Man’s Sky fans will thank Hello Games with a billboard

no mans sky billboard

Not that long ago No Man’s Sky was in the headlines for mainly negative reasons: toxicity, hacking, consumer deception and et cetera. But now we witness a pretty different scene.

The Billboard Campaign

The fanbase now is making efforts to build the game into something resembling its early promise. Fans actually are doing it fine, they are organizing something pretty cool to express their gratitude to Hello Games for sticking with it.

So, one player sought to raise money on a GoFundMe to install a billboard that thanking Hello Games for all the stuff and directing players to the subreddit. The initial goal was for $1750 to run a two-week billboard in Guildford, UK, this August. But the sub has already raised nearly twice that much, leading the players to sort out how to spend the rest.

The billboard itself will sit right outside Hello Games’ offices in the U.K. town of Guildford, right where the team behind the game can see it. And it’ll share one very simple message, from the fans of No Man’s Sky to those directly involved in creating it and improving it: “Thank you Hello Games.” 

The recently offered design is shown below, it can be changed yet.

thank you hello games billboard

With the remaining money, the community hopes to “buy a case of beer and lunch for the team.” Although, it could probably pay for a week’s worth of meals.

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