The next project from Bungie can be a shooter similar to Overwatch

The next project from the authors of Halo and Destiny can be a shooter similar to Overwatch or Apex Legends

It looks like the next project from Bungie, known for the creation of franchises like Halo and Destiny, will include elements of multiplayer shooters with a set of unique characters or classes like Overwatch, Rainbow Six: Siege and Apex Legends.

Netizens came to the corresponding conclusion after discovering an updated list of vacancies from Bungie, where the studio management announced the search for a new specialist with experience in working on multiplayer games with various unique characters and good understanding of the scene of esports competitions.

The Internet began to talk about the presence of competitive elements in Bungie’s next creation last month, when the studio similarly announced the search for an esports specialist capable of creating a game designed for “many hundreds of hours”.

According to current information, the premiere of the new Bungie game should take place no earlier than 2025. In the meantime, the studio is going to actively support the shooter Destiny 2.

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