Next-gen battle royale Ring of Elysium leaves Early Access & officially launches on steam

Ring of Elysium

Aurora Studio is thrilled to announce that battle royale shooter, Ring of Elysium has left Early Access and is now a full release on Steam. The well-received title recently released it’s latest game mode Ashen Eye which features no zone shrinking and pits players against one another in all-new gameplay.

The Launch Celebration

To celebrate the game’s official launch, Aurora Studio is hosting a special event that allows players who log into the game between now and July 1st the opportunity to use the Stella M4A1 weapon skin for free with a chance to unlock it forever. Players who log in every day will be awarded points toward unlocking the skin. Even more points can be earned by completing daily tasks. Those who manage to accumulate 100 points will unlock the skin for good.

The developers are constantly trying to shake up the game with new features, the latest one being the addition of the Ashen Eye game mode. Instead of the traditional shrinking circle, the Ashen Eye will force players to move into the eye of the storm, the only safe zone that is not affected by volcanic ash. Outside of the eye, oxygen will be consumed and once depleted, the player will die.

Ring of Elysium is available on Steam for free and if you log in until July 1, you will be able to use the Stella M4A1 weapon skin for free during the event period.

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