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New Year’s events Black Desert.

So, new events of Black Desert, namely from New Year’s to the most ordinary. A little about them:

As it became known, a bunch of new monsters will be added specifically for hunting in Narc. In addition to all this, there are also some partial changes for combat assistance. Specifically, movement delays will now be enabled for skills in PvP. There are several improvements that prevent automatic targeting when using grappling in PvP.

Well, the actual team has released quite a big explanation, apologizing for the potential confusion around the Combat Aid update. What do they write?

“As many of you already know, Black Desert Online has received a lot of feedback that it is a challenging game, especially for new adventurers. Among the updates that have been implemented over the past 5 years, we have made various efforts to lower the learning curve with updates such as tutorial improvements, Wiki guides, intuitive content, user interface improvements, and so on.”

Let’s talk about New Year’s events. The series of events “New Year’s wishes” begins on January 1 and will last only 2 days, ending on January 2. To boost EP in Black Desert and take part, the truck moved to a coastal cliff in Balenos. The second event in the series starts on January 1 and lasts until January 5 and is called Let The Bell Toll. Event 3 is a boss drop rate boost that is happening live now and continues until January 6. Finally, the advanced training book is also ongoing now and will end on January 13.

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