New worlds for Star Citizen.

Turbulent has been given a new challenge to create completely new and exciting worlds for Cloud Imperium Games ‘ Hyper-ambitious sci-Fi MMO, Star Citizen, according to a new press release. The company will set up a new Studio in Montreal to make this possible.

So, the new Studio, which is based in Montreal, will be fully focused on creating new worlds for Star Citizen with the intention of contributing to the ” broader and global pipeline of Star Citizen development.”

This newly formed team at Turbulent has already added staff and continues to grow as it creates content in step with Star Citizen’s senior development management, including chief development officer Erin Roberts and games Director Todd Papi. The Turbulent Star Citizen team is responsible for developing new tools to improve and expand the existing pipeline, creating new locations and features, and creating entire new star systems for Star Citizen that will constantly make their way into the Star Citizen universe. Over the next three years, Turbulent and CIG plan to bring the Studio to 100 developers.

We have yet to find out what this means for the development of the subsequent release of the MMO, which was officially announced and luanched by its Kickstarted back in 2012.Star Citizen is currently being developed by teams around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, and now Canada. The move comes after Cloud Imperium Games acquired a minority stake in Turbulent in 2019.

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