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“New World” was postponed for a month.

Today, Amazon game studios announced that their upcoming game “New World” has been postponed for a month. This is definitely not the first time that an MMO has been postponed, and now the expected MMO starts on September 28.

I think you will remember that last year the New World was postponed until spring 2021 in an attempt to add more PvE content and content from the middle to the end of the game. However, as the months passed, we heard that “New World” would be postponed again, this time the release will take place on August 31. Well, now, as a result of the feedback and data received during the last closed beta testing, the Amazon team has decided to postpone the New World again, this time releasing it on September 28.

“We want the launch of New World to be smooth and fun for all players, and this means making some improvements based on what you encountered during the closed beta,” the New World team said in a note on Twitter. “Therefore, we will need a few additional weeks to fix bugs, improve stability and polish the game. The new global launch date for New World is September 28, 2021.”

Amazon itself admits that they are aware that this is not the “first time” they have postponed the launch date. However, the team states that the overall goal is to provide the highest quality game at launch. The beta version was reputedly a staggering success, with over “a million adventurers” who spent a total of “over 16 million” hours played during the beta period.

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