New World final alpha-version update and numerous changes

Final alpha-version of New World update made many changes

MMORPG New World’s alpha version have got the last update before closed beta-testing is started. It brought two fresh expeditions called Shattered Obelisk & Depths.

Users of the thirty-fifth level can go to the expedition “Shattered Obelisk” which is situated at the Everfall territory. They will go deeper to Amrin temple in order to reveal ancient secrets which are being saved in the obelisk. You’ll have to fight against two bosses called Alectos the Relentless & Greundgul the Regent.

The expedition is intended for 45-leveled players and located in Restless Shores. Befouled Commander Thorpy army transformed ancient remains into its personal base which is threatening for the countryside. You’re going to fight against it and its servitor Archdeacon Azamela.

The list of the transformations is giant. There’re some major of them:

  1. The titles given for completing different achievements have been added.
  2. The points of quick displacement is the great bonus.
  3. Quests to specific territories such as Brightwood, Weaver’s Fen and Cutlass Keys were added.
  4. The major plot has two new quests now.
  5. Capturing the fort takes 5 minutes instead of 1.
  6. The houses were distributed into 1-4 levels. Houses of igher level give new opportunities and cost more.
  7. Crafting & gathering missions won’t be available anymore.
  8. Free XP curves leveling was corrected in order to make casual players’ leveling faster It was also made to append new ways of getting the experience.
  9. Player versus Player activity is stimulated by adjusting PvP flag turning-on awards. It is also made to provide endgame players with better rewards.
  10. One-off activities and quests will bring more gold.
  11. 260 new kinds of weaponry and more than one hundred monsters were added.
  12. Thrown out objects can be seen just by the owner.
  13. Players interplay interface have been improved.
  14. The voting to take any player away from the team is available.
  15. Numerous corrections of the balance.


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