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New World: there will be no PvP servers at the start of the game’s release

A developer of the new MMO New World spoke up in a discussion on Steam. According to him, there will be no PvP servers when the title is released.

New World, the new MMORPG from Amazon Game Studios, has come a long way. Originally the title was supposed to be a full-loot PvP MMO. However, in the accompanying alpha from 2019, the developers received some negative feedback, which caused them to revise the design of the game.

Meanwhile, New World has quite a bit of PvE content and even some kind of plot. PvP is of course still an important aspect of the game and should also provide long-term motivation, but the hardcore full loot days are definitely over. Players who do not feel like fighting with other players in the open world can simply switch off the PvP mode in order not to be harassed by other players. This sparked some debate among gamers as to which the PvP aspect is pretty much the most important thing. On Steam, a player asked the developers of New World to provide pure PvP servers for the game. The discussion started a few days ago and now has almost 30 pages of comments. A developer recently spoke up and confirmed that there will be no PvP servers when the title is released on September 28th.

The reason for this decision is given by the developer “Windsward” that the development team has to be divided up by different servers, so to speak, in order to work on different versions of the game. PvP players want updates just like PvE players, but are understandably not interested in new dungeons or the like. The developers would have to disclose the plans for both PvE players and PvP players.

According to Windsward, most players want to enjoy the title as a PvPvE experience. This probably coincides with the numbers from the hardcore alpha and the last beta. In the Steam discussions and also in the New World subreddit, many players are very understandable. For most, joining PvP manually was a pretty good system. If they wanted to duel with other players, they could. However, if they just wanted to do a little PvE, they didn’t have to be afraid of being attacked by a group of other players. The hardcore PvP community, however, sees the whole thing a little differently and would definitely like to receive pure PvP servers for the title, as this could change the “PvP meta” and the current one simply does not meet its requirements. There are already some groups that have decided to join a server together and treat it as a kind of PvP server.

According to the developer, the “for release” title will not have any PvP servers. However, that doesn’t mean Amazon Game Studios will never consider doing it. Maybe in a future update the servers will be subdivided or new PvP servers added. How exactly the developers will handle this will only be shown in the future.

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