New World: The first player has reached the max level

On September 28th the MMO New World was officially released and on October 1st the first players reached level 60.

Who was the first to reach the max level? In New World, some players and streamers fought to be the first to reach level 60 and thus set a special record.

The player Larsen declared himself the first player at level 60 in his livestream. He reached this level on October 1st around 3:00 a.m. CEST. He is celebrating the moment together with his guild and faction and has captured it in a Twitch clip.

Is he really the first player on 60? That cannot be said exactly because there are no official statistics or rankings. However, nobody before Larsen claimed that title. There are no videos on YouTube or Twitch, posts on Twitter or posts in the official reddit. It is very likely that he was actually the first player to reach the Max level in New World.

How long did it take? Larsen has not published a specific season. However, you can use his live streams to estimate how many hours he has invested. On Tuesday he started streaming as soon as the server started and managed the first 2 hours without queuing. After an almost 40-minute break, he streamed continuously for almost 18 more hours. On Wednesday, Larsen streamed about 13 hours without any interruptions or queues. Another live stream followed on Thursday for around 23 hours without interruption. There he made the jump to level 60 at the very end. Larsen will have needed something like 55 hours of play to reach the max level in New World.

According to his guild members, he hardly slept during the run to level 60 and did not use any special tricks, such as other players sacrificing themselves for him in PvP.

How is the success received? While some celebrate Larsen’s World First on reddit and on Twitch, others complain that the performance is difficult to compare due to the many queues. So not every player had the same chances of being the first to reach the max level (via reddit).

Is he the only level 60 player right now? No, in the course of the day there were more players who also reached level 60. But no one else seems to have made it before him.

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