New World: the shop will include just cosmetic objects

New World’s shop will have just cosmetic objects at the time of release

A meaningful leak happened while MMO New World alpha testing. It showed users shop’s assortment, namely some boosts except for cosmetic things. They can help users to reduce the time required to level up and earn trading experience.

Indignation from the players didn’t keep itself waiting. Particulary Reddit abounds the posts dedicated to the importance of getting this shop. Many users demanded money returning.

Amazon team explained that they had wanted to make things sold in the shop more essential for users in order to purchase be coveted. They also didn’t want to make sense that if you want to enjoy the game these buys are compulsory.

As Amazon said, some objects had been shown in order to check them and their exact price. They hadn’t been demonstrated to collect reviews. They say that bonus items will help to overtake friends’ progress quickly months after the release. Items won’t be available right after the launch.

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