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New World: Server transfer is postponing again

New World wanted to offer a character transfer starting October 17th, but it won’t work out now. The developers postpone the transfer for another week. This article explains the current state of affairs to you.

That’s what it’s all about: In the first few days after New World was released, the game struggled with endless queues. To counteract the problem, many more servers were opened. So that you can still play together with your friends soon, New World treats you to free server transfers for your character.

Many players and even entire companies (the guilds in New World) are already waiting for them to switch servers.

As we already reported, New World wanted to unlock the free server switch for all players this weekend. But now the developers are writing in the official forum that the transfer will be postponed again.

Server change in New World postponed again, should come in a week

When is the server change coming? The developers have updated their post in the New World forum and state that the server change will be postponed.

We have tested the final pieces of the server delivery system and are ready, but we made the difficult decision to put it on hold until next week.

In their post, the developers explain that they do not want to release the function because that would cause problems. There might be outages, there would be an imbalance on the servers or wars (the important PvP element in the game) could not be coordinated.

In the future, however, the aim is to provide the players with more details on how the transfers work and what the developers have learned about the game from the function.

Is there an exact date? No, the developers have not given an exact date, the function should be activated sometime next week.

In the patch notes for New World from October 6th, the team had written that the feature for the server change should be activated in the week of the 10th. However, due to technical difficulties, the release has now been postponed one week to October 17th. The team is now postponing this date by around a week.

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