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New World: players say come back is much better now

New World got off to a bumpy start, with queues, bugs, exploits and problems in the economy. As the number of players continues to decline, there have been a lot of positive threads about the development of the MMO in the last few days.

What’s going on at New World right now? New World had over 910,000 players on the weekend of its release, but has since lost a large part of them. On Sunday, November 7th, the new MMO had almost 307,000 simultaneous players (via SteamDB).

While this drop in player numbers is not really surprising, it was mainly accelerated by a number of problems:

  • At the start there were queues that lasted for hours, which never felt shorter due to the cap on the number of players.
  • There were a number of bugs, including the non-working Azoth staff at higher levels, non-working perks or passive abilities and lags in wars.
  • There were exploits with which players could become invulnerable or gold could be generated.
  • Bots appeared early on, which then sold thalers for real money.
  • The game is experiencing an economic crisis that is still ongoing.

In addition, Amazon is still reluctant to publish a roadmap for the future of New World. However, that would give a certain security and an outlook as to when and how it will continue. Because of these events and the falling number of players, many are already conjuring up the death of New World.

But in reddit and on Twitch there are now a larger number of players who advise the skeptics to try New World (again). Above all, they praise the latest patch and the current communication from Amazon.

Patch 1.0.5 and the outlook for November create a good atmosphere

Why “go back” to New World? The user Tummlerr created the thread “Come back to New World” at the weekend (via reddit). In it he says:

The game is way, much better now than this sub would describe. Even those who complain the most about bugs have played more than 300 hours and posted negative flame posts on one screen while killing mobs on the other.
The last patch was great. When you’ve left the game, come back.

The thread received over 3,500 upvotes and thus stayed in the upper area of ​​the subreddit start page for a long time.

In the comments, many agree with the statements about the latest patch. With Update 1.0.5, important changes were made, including fixes for perks and passive effects, balance adjustments and a reduction in the cost of Talers and Azoth.

The communication from Amazon, which has been shown in the last few weeks, is also well received by the players. You talked about bans, the first major patch in November, and player requests like mounts.

Streamers also praise the new patch: The streamer Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, who has played New World for over 250 hours and despite the problems cannot get away from the MMO, also praises the patch. He said on a livestream:

I feel like they got the hang of it with the last patch. I mean, yeah, he’s good. The updates are generally good. The November patch is going to be really good in a couple of weeks. It’ll be amazing.
When they finally fix all of the bugs, they can start creating content.

Is everything really well now? No, there are still some problems. In the reddit thread, some criticize that New World still offers too little variety. Especially the areas from level 30 to 50 are seen as very exhausting and monotonous. Amazon has not changed anything about that so far.

addition, there are still a number of bugs, including the display error with the “0%”, problems with various AoE abilities and houses and items in houses that simply disappear.

In addition, Amazon has so far not announced any new content, only bug fixes and “Quality of Life” changes. So some see no reason to return to New World.

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