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New World: No new content until the launch of the MMO

How is Amazon Game Studios using the additional time until the postponed launch of the MMO New World? The team intends to use the next few weeks to fix bugs and improve server stability. However, there will be no new content.

Just recently, Amazon Game Studios postponed the release of the online role-playing game again shortly before the planned launch in August. According to current plans, the starting shot will not be given until September 28, 2021. But how do the developers intend to use the additional time window in concrete terms? Will new content possibly find its way into the release version that was not yet available during the beta test? The team has now commented on this.

Amazon Game Studios responded to a fan request for a detailed roadmap via Twitter. He asked for a little more transparency from the developers regarding the next steps. The answer to that was a bit brief, but it made it clear what the team was working on in the time leading up to the launch in September.

“We are working on bugs, server stability and critical errors. We will not add any new features or content between now and the launch.”
It is therefore clear that the fans cannot expect any changes in the launch version of New World, at least in terms of content. Instead, Amazon Game Studios wants to concentrate on fixing some remaining bugs and, above all, critical errors. In addition, the improvement of the server stability is on the program. The latter is likely to enjoy a relatively high priority, because everything should run smoothly when the launch on September 28, 2021 is possible. The interest in the New World beta was huge, so an enormous rush can be expected at the launch.

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