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New World: New video tells the sad story of the zombies

A new video for New World introduces the backstory of the game’s zombies and ghosts. And you can really feel sorry for the poor pigs.

It’s about these opponents: The lost are one of the 4 enemy factions that you will fight in New World. These are the classic zombies, undead, ghosts and phantoms that you know from other MMORPGs and games. In a new video “Tales of Aeternum”, which was recorded in narrative role-playing style, the developers reveal more about these opponents.

The lost are the first opponents who will greet you on the beach after your arrival on Aeternum. They demonstrate first-hand how terrible the eternal life can be, to which many strive. A person could theoretically live on the island for hundreds or even thousands of years if his soul does not wither.

However, many pirates, adventurers, explorers, and other people who arrived on Aeternum went insane from the constant death and resuscitation of Azoth. Their existence now consists only of pain, despair and anger, which they cannot communicate with anyone. So they attack everyone they come across because there is no other way to express their pain.

But even after their bodies have completely decomposed, the lost find no rest. When their bones no longer obey, their soul still remains trapped on Aeternum. She wanders the island as a phantom or ghostly apparition, full of sadness and hopelessness about her fate. Because there is no escape for them.

This is the region where the lost are: beware of the Reekwater area, as there are a particularly large number of the lost. The Siren Queen, the leader of an undead pirate crew, has set up camp there and seems to be looking for something. Maybe the cure for her terrible condition?

The lost also gather in the areas around Amrine Temple. It is an archaeological site where ancient technology was discovered and where people have already disappeared without a trace.

There are also these factions: Of course you won’t just beat the undead on Aeternum. New World offers three more opposing factions:

  • Angry Earth is the island’s natural defense mechanism, the pure force of nature, which makes it very clear to you that you are not wanted on Aeternums.
  • The Ancients were the first inhabitants of Aeternum. They also took advantage of the mineral Azoth, but something went terribly wrong and they disappeared from the island. All that now reminds of them are their gigantic buildings.
  • But especially the Corrupted will really bother you during your stay on the island. These beings have been corrupted by Azoth and are targeting certain areas that have been taken over by the players.

So you are fighting almost against the whole island. It’s a “band together or die alone” scenario.

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