New World is starting to merge its servers

New World is starting to merge its servers

New World has announced the first merge of servers. This adaptation is eagerly awaited by many players in order to finally get away from empty servers. In this article, we’ll tell you which servers are exactly what happens, when the merge takes place and how exactly it takes place.

Which servers will be merged? The European server Mardi will be transferred to the Brittia server. Since December 4th you can no longer transfer to one of these two servers. The merge will take place on December 8th at 4:00 p.m.

How exactly does such a server merge work? The small server X (in this case Mardi) is integrated into the larger server Y (Brittia). All progress such as level, gold, items, factions or the companies remain. However, the world remains in the version that is currently on server Y (Brittia). This applies, for example, to the status of events, expansion of settlements and ownership of the various territories.

Which worlds will be merged in the future? There is still no information about which worlds will be merged in the future. However, the developers have revealed the criteria according to which such a merge takes place:

To determine if a world is unhealthy, let’s look at a few things, including population size and general activity. Once we have determined that a world needs to be merged, we compare it to the existing worlds in the world set in order to find the optimal partner world by comparing elements such as faction, play style and language. By merging within a set, it means that one US West world can never be merged with one US East world, but one US West world could be merged with another US West world.

The FAQ also states that future server mergers are always planned for Wednesday in order to avoid any maintenance with the patch. In the end, this also means that the content updates will appear on Thursdays in the future, such as the upcoming Patch 1.2.

Server merge is a big wish in the community right now

Why are the merges so important? Since the release, New World has lost a lot of player numbers. However, the developers opened dozens of new servers right from the start. This means that in some worlds there are hardly any players left.

But too few players lead to problems, for example when fighting for territory. That’s why many players hope that their empty servers will be integrated into larger servers before Christmas so that they can play properly over the holidays at least.

However, there is one concern that gamers, including the Twitch streamers, shroud share. Because players from smaller servers could shake up the economy on the new server. You keep all previous items and on smaller servers it should be easier to hoard thousands upon thousands of items.

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