New World: how dungeons work

New World: how dungeons work

In the new MMORPG New World, the dungeons are called expeditions and work a little differently. Now more details are known about the tough PvE content and how best to handle it.

What are the expeditions about? The heavy PvE content in MMORPGs is usually called raids or dungeons. In New World there are expeditions, but there are a few differences. In the expeditions of New World, five of you go to explore an ancient site. You can not only learn useful additions to the main story of the game, but also find out a lot about the background and history of the various types of opponents. The expeditions present you with particularly challenging content that not only requires combat skills, but also brains, because there are puzzles in the ruins of the world.

When can you play expeditions? There will be a total of six expeditions in the game in New World for the release on August 31, 2021. You will experience four of them as you advance in the level. Starting at level 25, you can jump into an expedition every ten levels. Two of the expeditions are reserved for the endgame, i.e. for players of the maximum level. These have a lot to offer. A developer reveals that it is best to tackle the difficult mechanics with a Holy Trinity first – i.e. healer, tank and DPS class. Once you’ve understood the mechanics and bosses, you’re welcome to experiment.

Balancing the many different weapons and attributes was a big challenge for the team, but “countless hours of playtesting” went into balancing the expeditions. The exact details are not yet known, but it is conceivable that there will be further expeditions later, or a challenge mode for existing expeditions, as a developer reveals.

The expeditions tell you more about the world

What is the gameplay like in an expedition? You can find more focused gameplay in the instantiated areas. This means that the expeditions will be less open than you are used to from the other content in New World. In addition to difficult fights, you can also expect tricky puzzles in which coordination and timing play a role. Even if the expeditions are much more linear than the rest of the game, that doesn’t mean you only have to follow one tube. There are also larger areas within the instances.

The developers say that the content in the different rooms of the expeditions was always thought after the room. So the floor plan was ready, and was then filled with gameplay. So the mechanics should be better integrated into the world. So you will also get to see mechanics in the expeditions that are not otherwise in the game. These mechanics should also adapt to the story being told. Sometimes every group member has to do something different, sometimes your jump’n’run skills are put to the test.

How do the expeditions fit into the story? It is very different. As mentioned above, some expeditions are unavoidable because they are firmly integrated into the story of New World. Still others only tell side stories or background knowledge. However, all of them bring a lot of loot and strong equipment.

The expeditions in New World aim to shed more light on the background story of the various opponents within. This is how it will go in various expeditions against the lost, the angry earth creatures, the ancestors and the corrupted. So you can look forward to learning more about how these enemies came about and how they work.

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