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New World: first stress test

So, as everyone has long known, it is soon to pass the stress test Amazon New World  today and into the weekend. Quite a lot of MMO players are preparing for this and waiting for this very moment. Alpha players and Amazon preorder players who purchased the game before July 26 should have received their keys and access information long ago, but Steam preorder players will need to follow the community page to figure out how to log in.Many say that beta subscribers who registered on July 9 will also receive invitations to this event.

From developers ‘ Twitter:

For those who made a pre-order on Steam, the game will automatically appear in your library as: «New World – Confidentional Test». Just install the game and you will be ready for your journey to Eternum, which will start on 30.07.2020.

If you entered the code in Steam and the “New World – Confidential Test” client does not appear, please completely restart the Steam app to start downloading.

“When preparing to view New World Preview, we will need the community’s help in preparing our servers to ensure stability at scale. The density test will be hosted on our us server starting on Thursday, 7/30/2020. Come help make sure that the servers are ready to view the new world. Please note that the density test will take place under the NDA, unlike the New World preview in August. For this density test, we will invite all alpha testers, anyone who pre-ordered on or before July 26, and a random selection of beta subscribers received on or before July 9 to join and play with the new world team. Due to the need to have a large wave of players in the game”

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