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New World brought patch and maintenance tonight

The developers of New World have announced an update for November 16 in a forum post. However, this is a hotfix and not yet the major November patch. We’ll reveal what happened.

What kind of update is that? Today’s patch is a hotfix. Above all, he should take care of two things:

  • Firstly, it fixes a bug that could cause players to get stuck in a movement ability
  • On the other hand, the taler transfers are reactivated. They were discontinued for almost 1.5 days because of an item dup. However, the return comes with one caveat: house decorations are temporarily not tradable.
  • Update from November 17th: There were also adjustments to the housing of New World.

Community Manager Tosch announced that there will be compensation for the companies whose settlements have been downgraded due to the deactivated thaler transfer. Specifically, he says:

Companies whose settlements have been downgraded due to disabled asset transfers can expect compensation for the upcoming major November update. (Via New World Forum)

Housing changes: In the forum, Community Manager Luxendra from New World explains what has changed in the housing decorations.

Players can now:
  • Disassemble housing decorations
  • Store housing decorations by picking up the piece of furniture after it is set up
  • Buy housing decoration with an existing purchase order at the trading post
What players can’t:
  • Do not place any new purchase orders in the trading post to acquire housing decoration
  • Swap housing decorations with other players
  • Put the housing decoration directly into the warehouse
  • Place the housing decoration on the floor
  • Activate the construction mode for housing
When did the update come out? The update was applied on November 16 at around 11 p.m.

How long did the maintenance take? That hasn’t been revealed yet. However, since this was a relatively small hotfix, the servers were only down for a short time. You can now play again.

Update isn’t the November big patch

So today’s update is just a small hotfix and not yet the big November patch. It is expected to come on Wednesday or Thursday morning. There is no specific date yet, but it is certain that it will appear this week.

With the update, among other things, the new doom gauntlets will be released. If you are not ready for the release of a new update in New World yet, now is the time to prepare.

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