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New World announces 1st major update – promises many improvements in November

There was a big post on upcoming updates in the New World forum. The focus is on the economy, expeditions and PvP. In addition, the first “major update” was announced.

What about future patches for New World? They should continue to take place every week. These weekly updates are intended to fix bugs and adjust the balance in the MMO and will always be accompanied by a downtime.

The server downs should, if possible, happen in such a way that there is no prime time in a region. However, the failures should be communicated more clearly in the future and announced on Tuesday so that the players can better prepare for the update.

In addition to the weekly updates, the first major update is also planned for November (via New World Forum).

First major update focuses on economy and expeditions

What’s in the first major update? In the blog post, some adjustments for the economy and expeditions were already announced, which should be included in the major update:

  • All trading posts are linked in order to strengthen the economy and to force players to use fewer teleports. The costs for taxes will still be paid in the settlement in which you are currently located. In addition, you can only post sales offers for a maximum of 14 instead of 28 days in the future.
  • Bosses in expeditions should give 25% to 100% more talers in the future.
  • The cost of orbs for the expeditions should be reduced.
  • In future, house taxes will be incurred every 7 days instead of every 5 days, and the costs will not be increased.
  • There is also talk of a 60% reduction in Respec costs, which was already included in the new 1.0.5 patch.

What about new content in the major update? There is no mention of this in the blog post, but it does say that the adjustments are only part of the major update in November.

How is the New World economy in general? A few weeks ago we reported that there was a kind of economic crisis in New World because too few talers were being generated in the game. In the blog post, Amazon partially gives the all-clear.

Because currently more talers are being generated than destroyed. But especially in the end game, the number of thalers should be a little lower than at the beginning. As more and more players reach level 60, the number of thalers generated shifts more and more into the negative. That is why the changes mentioned above come about.

Statements about planned bug fixes and false reports in wars

Which bugs will be fixed in November? In addition to the statement about the first major patch in November, there was some more information about bug fixes:

  • There are some perks and gems that will not work properly, including the Resilience perk. All of these bugs should be fixed in the course of November.
  • There is a bug with the Strength attribute once you reach level 250. This bug is already being worked on.
  • The “crouching bug” should be fixed with the upcoming update.
  • Work continues on lag problems during the wars.
  • The World Clock Bug is also known, but not yet reproducible. However, it is being worked on.
  • Because of the many fishing bots, the gold rewards have been removed from the fishing chests. However, work is underway to ensure that fishing will bring good rewards in the future.

There was also a detailed explanation about the client and the bugs it caused. It emphasizes that New World is not client-authoritarian, but completely server-based.

What about the automatic bans during the wars? In New World, some companies have reported hostile players to be banned for 24 hours. So it was easier for them to win the war. The players suspected that the bans were automated. However, this is denied by the developers and the bans are said to have been justified. In the blog post it says:

Reporting can and was used as a war tactic. The pattern of behavior is that two rival groups have confrontations in chat before a war or a major battle. These groups try to incite each other to violate the Code of Conduct and then eagerly report to each other when violations occur.
These violations are reported multiple times, reviewed by a moderator and, if the violation is legitimate, suspensions are issued. Here, too, the blocking does not depend on the number of reports, but on the legality of the violation.

What do you think of the developer’s outlook? Do you think they are tackling the right issues or would you have preferred other adjustments? And what new content would you like for the major patch in November?

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