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New World: 1st major update coming soon

The developers presented the first major update of New World in a blog post. This brings a lot of new content, a PTR server and some “Quality of Life” changes that were announced in advance. We summarize everything important for you.

Update November 12th: As has now been confirmed in the forum, the big update will appear next week. However, there is no specific date yet.

Community Manager in the New World Forum: We wanted to provide a quick status update for our weekly patch. At this point we decided to postpone the release until next week and instead release all changes along with the major November update planned for next week.
What’s in the first big patch? The following innovations were announced in the blog post:
  • The new weapon of Doom Gauntlets, which was previously teased
  • New enemy types in the form of the Varangian Hunters to appear in camps in different areas
  • New enemies in the form of swarm wizards, beetles, pirate alligators and other models
  • New quests starting in West Immerfall.
  • New quests for legendary doom gauntlets, for which you have to reach level 60 and level 20 with the weapon (If you are waiting for these patch innovations and would like to prepare for them – for example, to raise the level of the character and the level of weapons – follow the link to our boost store:
  • 3 brand new PvP faction missions

There are also some game improvements, including the linked trading posts, which have already led to major discussions, a revision of the main quests and adjustments to expeditions, which should ensure more talers and lower orb costs.

Another innovation is the test server (PTR), which will be introduced with the new patch. This is a separate client on which future updates can be tested. All owners of New World will in future find access to the PTR in their games library.

When does the patch come out? The patch will be released on the PTR on November 10th.

There is no specific release date for the main game yet. However, the update was announced as the first “major patch in November”. From this it can be concluded that the update will be released this month.

New weapon as the highlight of the update

What kind of new weapon is that? The Void Gauntlets are a magical weapon, comparable to the ice gauntlets. According to the official description, they should represent a mixture of DPS and support. The weapon scales with the attributes of intelligence and focus, which makes it useful in combination with the life staff or other magical weapons.

As before, there will be two skill trees and three skills for each of these trees:

  • The tree “Extinction” focuses on maximizing damage in close combat and revolves around the Doom Blade, a conjured blade of corrosive doom energy.
  • Providing remote healing and debuffing spells, the Decay Tree revolves around the Orb of Decay, a two-phase projectile that can weaken enemies and heal allies.

The capabilities of the weapon were already found in a data mining in the beta. So far, everything indicates that the leak correctly predicted the skills.

What do we know about the new enemies? The Varangian hunters come from the north and try to gain a foothold in the areas of First Light, King’s Rock and Immerfall. For this purpose, they set up new camps there.

Due to the location in the beginner areas, even low level players can challenge the new enemies. In addition, there is a new quest that you can accept from Abigail Rose in the west of Immerfall.

What are the three new faction missions like? The new missions were presented as follows:

  • Control Points – These missions involve taking control of fortresses.
  • Intercept – Defeat the enemy faction members and collect their tears.
  • War Camp Loot – Finds hidden plans in the enemy war camp.
What do you think of the first big update? Are you talking about the previous changes? And will you try the PTR to give feedback to the developers? If you are waiting for the release of the patch and would like to thoroughly prepare for it, follow the link to our boost store:

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