New Warframe review: Gas city, Nightwave series 2, Railjack space battles

Warframe Nightwave Series 2

Warframe developers has held an extremely informative livestream, where they’ve showed some Gas City changes, like updated space battle Railjack content that will be available with the Empyrean Update and a new horde mode; some small details, such as UI quality-of-life modifications, a new deluxe skin for Khora, a peek at TennoGen Round 16, and many others. Also they dove deep into Nightwave Series 2.

Gas City

This one has got the Disruption horde mode, where players’ purpose is to collect keys from fallen Amalgams, so they can arouse artifacts and defend them from enemies’ attacks. There will be, of course, a chance to earn a reward.

Nightwave Series 2

You can experience plenty here, starting with weekly and elite weekly acts for series 2 that you should complete and then the earlier acts will open to play. Although, the number of acts and acts’ inclusions will be decreased, the rewards’ amount will remain the same.

Railjack Space Battles

The dev team showed a quick review of the space where battles will happen, plus looked at Railjack UI and a bunch of raw fighter ship animations.

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