Warface: Special Operation Mars will get you to the trip on the Red Planet

Be ready to get to the Red Planet with new Warface’s Special Operation Mars update

warface special operation mars

If you really like shooters and craves for a trip to the other planet, you certainly will like a new Warface expansion called Special Operation Mars. Yes, you guessed it right (obviously from the news title), with this one we’re going to Mars to face the enemies there, which is the evil Blackwood military organization, and rescue human colonists from these bad guys. The update launches in June along with an “Armageddon” battle pass as a part of the update. The big changes is coming to Warface next month.

Similar to Warface games include Destiny 2, Division 2 and Outriders.

The Gameplay

This time you will play as SED – a humanoid robot with its own battle style and specific modular weapon Arcus, which has firstly two modes, automatic and sniper, but once you accomplish a few challenges the third one comes to your hands. Arcus don’t need any ammo, but you need to watch its blaster battery, since it can overheat.

You will meet two new bosses and variety of enemies you haven’t seen before. While walking through wide deserted lands of Mars leading to the Earth colony you will experience a low gravitation added to the update. Also, remember that a good team work will be granted and is a way to successful accomplishment of your missions.

The “Armageddon” Battle Pass

Speaking of an “Armageddon” battle pass, this one is already available for pre-order and will last for three months, during which players can complete over a hundred of PvP and PvE challenges. Completing them is rewarded with special weapons and camouflage of the Phobos and Deimos series and other items, and also achievements. The main reward is a shotgun for the Medic class called Typhoon-12.

Main Update Features

  • Battle Royal: Use more than 70 different weapon models to fight your rival in PvP mode.
  • Destruction: Air strike your enemy three times to win a battle.
  • Plant the Bomb: You and your allies have to plant the bomb on the enemy’s territory or watch your own base to prevent the same attack.
  • Storm: Try to capture three strategic points of your rivals and don’t forget do defend your own ground.
  • Special PvE missions and raids: Now you can battle the Blackwood corporation’s army in various parts of the world from the snow-capped Siberian mountains to the hot jungles of Africa.
  • Brand-New Weapon: You can choose of hundreds new items to get your best performance.

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