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New vampire MMO V Rising is coming to Steam

In the survival MMO V Rising (PC) you play a vampire who wants to regain his power. To do this, you suck out people and animals and even build your own castle. In a first gameplay video, the development studio is now showing what the upcoming game looks like.

What kind of game is this? You wake up naked and powerless in a coffin and somehow have to survive and get back to your old strength. The new game is being developed by Stunlock Studios, who previously created Battlerite and Bloodline Champions.

The premise of V Rising is: You should become the “next Dracula”. You play a vampire in an isometric perspective (“diagonally from above”) who gains strength through the hunt at night and builds his own empire at the same time.

V Rising combines action gameplay with survival elements. In a first gameplay video you can now see exactly how this should look. It’s in the gameplay: The gameplay shows both your first steps through the dark Gothic world in the style of Bloodborne, as well as the strength of the vampires later in the game. Gathering resources is apparently becoming just as important a part as fighting and building.

In the video you can see how a vampire defends himself against a bear-like beast with a spear, burns in the bright sun and later attacks a village full of people or uses magic to defend himself against huge monsters. Even a kind of boss fight can be seen.

Bosses, build and magic. These are the features: We already knew some features in advance. For example, it is known that V Rising offers:

  • Castles as your own bases that you can expand and design as you want
  • “Full Loot” – Whoever dies, loses everything and has to collect it again
  • different types of weapons and magic for combat
  • Mounts including mounted combat
  • a day-night cycle, whereby it is safer for you as a vampire at night than during the day
  • Blood as a resource and as a way to get special buffs

There are also some new features in the gameplay, such as fighting bosses, similar to Valheim or Tribes of Midgard. However, we don’t yet know exactly how the fights will look or how many bosses there will be.

Up to 50 people play in co-op or against each other on a server. The gameplay shows some vampires working together to raid a village and collect blood.

When and where can I play V Rising? V Rising should get a beta in 2021, which you can register for on the website (via playvrising). When exactly the beta and the later release will take place is still open.

So far, V Rising should only appear for the PC on Steam. There is as yet no information on versions for the different versions of the PlayStation and Xbox.

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