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New update makes Hunt: Showdown on Steam more popular than ever

After the shooter Hunt: Showdown was only able to set a new player record on Steam in March, it has now been broken again. Over 34,000 people are playing the game at the same time – on Steam alone. The reason is the new update “Light the Shadow”, but not only.

This is how Hunt is on Steam: In August Hunt: Showdown had an average number of 11,601 players on Steam (via steamcharts). At the top, 34,248 players came together – a new high since the release in 2018.

Hunt: Showdown has almost twice as many players as it did in June. Up to 17,715 hunters gambled there at the same time. A similar number was only achieved with the new Boss Schrottschnabel in March and April.

The most recent reviews are “very positive” with 84% positive votes from 2,576 reviews. That is even 1% better than the rating over the entire period.

The Xbox and PlayStation players are not included in the number of players. So the absolute number is even higher – and the reason is likely to be the new event “Light the Shadow”.

What kind of update is that? On Wednesday, August 25th, the new event “Light the Shadow” started, which had already been announced with a number of teasers. The event brought a lot of balance changes but also new content, which fans have wanted to see for quite a while.

New weapons, new traits – and even before that, new maps

That’s in the update: With “Light the Shadow” a lot of new content came into play. We have summarized the most important ones for you here:

  • 2 new weapons, the hunting bow and the throwing ax
  • 4 new legendary hunters (special skins)
  • new legendary weapon skins
  • 3 new traits for your hunters

Ever since the bow was shown in a teaser, the community has been keen to see it in action. There is also a new time of day, “Sunset.” You can now also play at dusk on all 3 maps of Hunt: Showdown, which could affect the use of certain tools or weapons.

In addition, the event of the same name, “Light the Shadow”, has started, where you can earn special event currency. With this you unlock skins or earn money in the game to buy equipment. You can read more about this in the official patch notes (via Steam). The event runs until September 22nd. Features such as the weapons are still available afterwards.

Is the number just due to the update? “Light the Shadow” definitely contributed to the new record being set. However, the new map DeSalle has already been a cornerstone to activate new and above all old players. The fact that the game is so popular in the first place is also due to the game itself.

What is Hunt: Showdown anyway? Hunt: Showdown is one of the absolutely unique video games. Similar to a battle royale, you start the round alone or as a team of up to three players. However, you are not naked, but equip your hunter with weapons in advance – or look for them on the map. The aim is to get bounties from particularly tough monsters and to bring them out of the dangerous area. Other hunters can attack you at any time and take off your bounty. Hunt is best known for his toughness, because aiming is rather difficult with the “old” weapons from the 19th century, mistakes are severely punished and shots, on the other hand, are quickly fatal. In the event of death, you may lose items you brought with you and even the hunter himself, but that doesn’t matter after a few rounds. Loss is part of the game and nothing is irreplaceable.

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