New update for PUBG is out while PUBG Corporation is suing again

New update for PUBG is out while PUBG Corporation is suing again


Some time ago battle royal genre blew up and surpassed in number traditional looter-shooter games like D2 or The Division 2. PUBG creators are going to sue again, now it’s not even another game company or clone but the Chinese bureaucracy itself.

MMO Culture reports that plethora of Chinese publications are covering PUBG Corp.’s trademark hardwork. PUBG Corp. seemingly has been trying to trademark 今晚吃鸡, rough translation: Chicken Dinner, as in “winner winner chicken dinner,” substantially a brought to life again casino slang for the popular battle royal title. However the National Intellectual Property Administration negated the original trademark application because this term isn’t a formal business trademark. PUBG Corp. claims that the term been applied in marketing material for the last several years and can be recognized easily, and according to that it’s worthy of trademark. This is a reason PUBG Corp. is suing the government agency.

Well, some of us can consider the Chicken Dinner as more compelling term than the real name PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Other news: Update 28 is already out to the live servers.

PUBG’s latest update introduces our brand new feature Weapon Mastery! Weapon Mastery is a progression system that allows players to earn free rewards as they level up their gunplay skills. As part of Weapon Mastery we are also debuting Medals for players who perform awesome feats during their matches. In addition to our latest feature, we’ve taken your feedback from our first round of Erangel loot rebalances and made adjustments. Speaking of adjustments, based on player feedback we have reduced the difficulty on a number of missions for Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card, including the elimination of a few missions deemed too difficult to complete.”

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