New Undermountain update: dance of the Mad Mage

Halaster Blackcloak, Undermountain

Before Neverwinter releases the Undermountain update, it gave us an idea about how it made one of the premier NPCs: Halaster Blackcloak, the Mad Mage. For ages the Mad Mage roamed Undermountain building and framing it how he wishes. It has been so awhile, he himself has forgot what leaded him here.

The new dev blog contains quotes from Jonathan Nascone, the Lead Character Artist, about creating process of a robe with teeth and more information from Systems Designer Chantelle Tatum on how the character was rigged. The robe design was a quite ordinary though, but it was decorated with masking and stitching to “wear it out”. The rigging design helps showing how chaotic he is by blowing in its own magical wind. Check this short dance video:

PC players already can enter Undermountain today April 23rd.

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