New test patch for Crowfall right now.

A brand new test patch for Crowfall right now. Which will stop your equipment from falling.

In short, your equipment will no longer fall into the garbage. Inventory can still drop, but your equipment can’t. several infected forts and fortresses were also renamed. The scoring error was fixed on the Feed the Flock victory card. Looted chests and containers have been added to some buildings in the Infected World.

The patch also brought small but significant changes to the user interface, Assassin, Duelist, Frostweaver, disciplines, and NPCs, including:

  • Sellers must have the appropriate faction while in the Temple.
  • Fixed a bug that caused weapon sellers in temples to animate duplicate weapon models.
  • Fixed Cassius (NPC Duelist ) so that he would stand properly on the ground.
  • Fixed Francois ‘ name to match what he sells.

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