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New “Tank ” class and its basic abilities.

Previously, the development team from Intrepid Studios has already managed to present two archetypes of the upcoming Ashes of Creation, which became “Cleric” and “Mage“, and now it’s time for the community to get acquainted with the” Tank” class and its ability bases.

To demonstrate the combat capabilities of this specialization, the creators, as before, prepared a small gameplay video, where they clearly showed the nine skills available at the tenth level of character development. At the same time, most of them are designed to provide control of events occurring during the battle and additionally have increased threat generation.

So, for example, the list of skills includes a jerk, pulling up the enemy, knocking down and various defensive effects, in other words, everything that allows you to be at the forefront of the attack, protect your allies and stay alive.

The launch of the first Alpha of Ashes of Creation is scheduled for April 6. The testing will last for a month and will end on May 6.

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