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New sandbox MMO mixes Minecraft with Animal Crossing

The new sandbox MMO Project X mixes elements from Minecraft and Animal Crossing into a sweet bustle with a focus on social interactions. The game uses the mechanics of mobile games and is available for iOS, Android and PC. If you want to take a closer look at the cute world, you can register for the beta now.

What kind of game is Project X? The developer studio “Dazzle Rocks” from Finland is developing the sandbox MMO with a focus on the mobile edition. The game is all about discovering, building and experiencing adventures with friends or other players.

You come to the Lost Islands and get your own island, which you should make exciting. In the game there is a kind of social network with which you can present your creations to other players who can then visit and play on your island. It’s about creating adventures and sharing them with others.

The progression mechanics look very similar to many other mobile-first titles. You have a currency that you earn through quests and you can gradually unlock more and more items. But you also collect resources and use them to craft other useful items, furniture, blocks of houses – whatever you need right now.

What is the current status of the game? In the beta registration email, the developers say that the current beta is still a very early state of the game. However, there could be a major release this year. However, this is not very specific. It might just be an extension of the beta.

The developers emphasize on their homepage that Project X will be further developed for years and will provide long-term motivation through new gameplay options and fresh landscapes.

When does the beta start? The Project X beta has been running for a couple of weeks. The developers always allow new players and so the MMO continues to grow.

What does it have in common with Minecraft and Animal Crossing? Similar to Minecraft, in your “building phases” you are constantly looking for new resources and building the world according to your ideas. However, it doesn’t go as far as Minecraft. You can partially dismantle your surroundings, but there are no deep trenches up to the Bedrock with Project X. There will be a PvE part for this, you can breed animals and Project X should also appear for the PC. As in Minecraft, you should be free to choose what to do next.

You can then share your created world with other players like in Animal Crossing. In fact, the social aspects are said to be a significant part of the game. You photograph your house / fortress / labyrinth, put it in the game’s internal social network and hope for plenty of visitors.

You can then explore your island with them and if the visitors liked it, they can leave a tip. Animal Crossing has impressively proven that a focus on building your own world and social interaction can work well in MMOs. Project X thinks the idea further and gives players even more freedom in their creations.

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