Real-time strategy Liquidation will make us gods


Grindstone publishers and developer Divio have announced that the Liquidation real-time strategy Kickstarter campaign will kick off on June 10. The German studio Kiwi Brothers started work on the game, but then it abandoned development, selling the rights to Divio, which previously worked as part of the team.

Liquidation is described as the rebirth of the tactical real-time strategy genre. In the game, we are given the role of a deity seeking to return peace to the continent of Wea, leading one of the four factions. The Liquidation universe combines elements of science fiction and dark fantasy.

Players will find both a single-player storyline campaign that can be played in co-op and multiplayer modes, the best participants of which will be included in the global ranking. And in the course of battles, the positioning of armies and the selection of units will play an important role: they all compensate for the weaknesses of other units.

The game is scheduled to be released on Steam in the fall of 2022.

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