New old school MMORPG Broken Ranks starts in early 2022

New old school MMORPG Broken Ranks starts in early 2022

The new MMORPG Broken Ranks (PC) will be released in January 2022. This promises dungeons, raids, an interesting combat system and, above all, a fair payment model, in which you should even get the shop currency without using any money. We reveal how you can get the currency and what is behind the game in general.

What is Broken Ranks? Broken Ranks is an MMORPG in the ISO perspective similar to Lost Ark or Diablo. It relies on a dark atmosphere, a lot of story and offers a turn-based combat system in which you have 10 seconds to determine an action. Such a system is more familiar from single player games like Final Fantasy or Atlantica Online, but most MMORPGs rely on real-time battles.

In addition, Broken Ranks relies on:

  • A story told non-linearly
  • An open game world with a mix of 2.5D and 3D graphics
  • 7 different classes
  • Group content such as dungeons and raids
  • Guilds
  • PvP content, but it takes place in specific areas
  • Crafting and trading between players

The game is being developed by the Polish indie studio Whitemoon. In their old games they placed great value on English and Polish localization. However, Broken Ranks will also appear in German, Russian and Portuguese.

How is the game financed? Broken Ranks becomes a Free2Play MMORPG and relies on a real money shop for financing. More details about this shop and the associated currency, platinum, have now been revealed.

Developers want happy players and therefore forego Pay2Win

How does the real money currency work in the game? Basically, the shop relies on the currency platinum, which you can buy for real money. But it can also be traded in-game. You can trade Platinum in exchange for gold or equipment with other players or, in theory, simply give it away. Similar to what is the case with Warframe. To do this, you drag the box with platinum into the trading window, like gold or equipment in other MMORPGs. You should also receive the premium currency as a reward for reaching certain level milestones and for special in-game events.

How is the shop doing? What exactly is in the shop has not yet been revealed. However, the following statements have been made so far:

  • There should be cosmetic content.
  • Spending real money should never be a compulsion.
  • New equipment is only dropped by mobs and bosses in the game or can be obtained directly from other players via the trade window.
  • Many of the items in the shop should also be able to be crafted yourself.

The developers emphasize in both the blog post and the FAQ about the game that Pay2Win should not be an issue in Broken Ranks.

When does Broken Ranks appear? Broken Ranks is set to celebrate its release in January 2022. However, an exact date has not yet been given. For now it will only appear in its own client. However, the developers are considering a release on Steam.

If you are interested in this game, but you have to wait a long time for its release, you can try games like Diablo 2: Resurrected or Outriders.

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