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New multiplayer shooter on Steam turns you into a ruthless end-time mercenary

The new military shooter CROWZ (PC) wants to be an MMOFPS and relies on an end times setting in which you have to fight for a new, rare resource. You take on the role of a mercenary who works for one of the great nations.

What is CROWZ? Behind the name is a multiplayer military shooter from Korea. Seun Hung Baek, the studio’s CEO, previously worked on the shooter Sudden Attack. This title is successful in Korea. So he already has a lot of shooter experience to show.

In the world of CROWZ our planet is largely destroyed after several meteorite impacts. Through these meteorites, the new element Q-on also came to earth and the remaining, powerful nations argue about it.

In order not to do the dirty work themselves, they hire particularly well-trained and unscrupulous mercenaries: the eponymous CROWZ. As one of them, you fight your way through different game modes to bring home the contested Q-on for your financier.

How does it play? Little is known about the gameplay features of the shooter, what we know, we summarize for you:

  • 2 game modes in which you either act as a large army or as a tactical team
  • A great open world
  • Lots of vehicles
  • Nice look thanks to Unreal Engine 4
  • Partially destructible environment
  • Focus on interaction with others
  • There should also be zombie-like NPC opponents
  • Tactical team combat and armies clashing

What’s in the game modes? So far, two different game modes are known. These go by the names Squad Operation and Blood Zone and are supposed to play fundamentally differently.

What is Squad Operation? In this game mode you are on the road as a small team with other players. You have to secure as much Q-on as possible in an open world, but you are not the only ones trying to do that.

Other teams of players make life difficult for you and the environment itself should be a tough enemy. So you have to be prepared for more meteorite impacts and for people who have been exposed to the side effects of prohibited drugs for too long.

The mode sounds like a PvPvE excursion, with a similar concept to the hit shooter Hunt: Showdown and promises a lot of excitement.

What is Blood Zone? Blood Zone reads like the typical team deathmatch mode of the shooter. Here the CROWZ play together in large armies on two different sides. How many players are involved is not yet known. On one of the two sides of the battle you kill as many enemy soldiers as possible and also bring the rare Q-on to safety.

When can you play this? There is no release date for CROWZ yet, but the early access phase should start in 2021.

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