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New MMORPG TitanReach puts development on hold due to lack of money

The new MMORPG TitanReach (PC) was crowdfunded and recently started a free early access phase. But now there is the possibility that TitanReach will never be completed, because the developers have run out of money, as they announced in the Discord.

What is TitanReach? The MMORPG from developer Square Root Studios promises classic open-world action:

  • You travel through the game world and do quests and world bosses
  • A story about mighty titans is told
  • TitanReach does without classes and lets your equipment determine the style of play, similar to New World
  • Dungeons and raids await you in PvE
  • There are professions like fishing and blacksmithing and one focus point is economics
  • There is open PvP in certain zones where you can even lose all of your equipment

The highlight of the game should be that there are many skills, but you can only use 5 of them in combat. That should provide a special tactical component.

In August, the MMORPG launched a free early access version. This should recruit players who pay for later access to the alpha and beta.

Why is the development now being suspended? The official statement says that further work on TitanReach will be put on hold for the time being because the developers have run out of money.

A total of 14 developers are said to have worked on TitanReach since the Kickstarter campaign started in December 2020, but they only received the minimum wages. Nevertheless, the game should not be stopped directly.

Developers are looking for investors to still implement TitanReach

What’s next? The MMORPG should continue to run as a hobby project for the time being. We are still working on it, but no longer full-time. Some new hobby developers may be added to the team who have already registered for the further development of TitanReach.

The previous Early Access servers are to be shut down, with the exception of one world. In one world, however, you can still play.

They are currently looking for investors in the background, but without them there should probably be no release of the game.

Are there any refunds? The income of the past months should already have been used for the development, so there should be no refunds.

However, players who have bought a Founders Pack since Early Access started on August 9th will be reimbursed. The money has so far been withheld. TitanReach raised over $ 200,000 through crowdfunding, but that wasn’t enough.

How has the MMORPG developed so far? Rather mixed. In the first 16 hours, it was already making over $ 50,000 on Kickstarter. But the campaign, which lasted a month, clearly missed the advertised goal.

Instead of the hoped-for 363,745 euros, only 114,971 euros were collected. So the hype that existed at the beginning quickly subsided. In the further course, free playable versions and backer packages for the paid alphas and beta were released, which were to come. According to the website, a total of $ 206,419.20 was raised (via TitanReach). Too little to fully implement the game.

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